Covid19 as a catalyst for cultural change

Covid19 has changed everything. We’ve had to adapt and fast. To new working environments. New systems. New technologies.

To the ‘new normal’.

Over the last few months businesses have had to navigate some monumental changes. But recently, things seem to be settling. As the lockdown eases, the focus has shifted from how we continue to trade within a global pandemic, to now, how we get back to business as usual in the aftermath.

The good news is that hard times can be the catalyst for new lessons, new habits, new behaviours and new and improved ways of working. What have we learned from this unprecedented experience and how can we use this learning to build resilience and move forwards into the new normal?

This webinar will be presented by Lou Banks, founder of Rising Vibe, a culture consultancy using emotion to drive cultural change in business. She’ll be delivering some valuable insight into how the pandemic has created an ideal opportunity for businesses to choose the culture they want in the future, using the learning from experiences over the past few months.

Join Lou as she gets to grips with emotion, tackles thoughts and addresses feelings around the impact of Covid19 on business, so that we can emerge into the new normal with brilliance.

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For more information on how Rising Vibe can support your business in the aftermath of Covid19, please click on the link here.

What: FREE Webinar on Covid19 as a catalyst for cultural change.

When: Thursday 9th July - 2:30pm (GMT)